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Random things that I liked.


1). I don't know how to run like Jack Sparrow. Literally. I can't. Plus I hate running, so I think this will just be something that I'll kind of just... ignore. oops. lol
2). Most of the lines I know for Captain Jack Sparrow are ones from Curse of the Black Pearl and a few from On Stranger Tides. Ask me about lines from Dead Man's Chest or At World's End and I will probably just try to make something up that sounds sorta close to what Jack may have said.
3). I have realized that I have been afraid of Jack Sparrow impersonators for a long time. I just remember the first couple of conventions I went to, and I tried to talk to a couple of Jack Sparrows and they were in character and all that... and that intimidated me. Basically this happened a lot:

Me: Look, Jack Sparrow!
Impersonator: That's *Captain* Jack Sparrow....
Me: Omg. O__O He's angry at me.... wahhh I'm so sorry *walks away slowly*

Yea, I didn't understand the whole impersonator = being in character thing and I didn't know Jack Sparrow's character very well (tbh he was just a character I could recognize), so I just thought whenever they corrected me, they were all just pissed off that I didn't get the character name right. So basically I went through the first 2 years or so of going to conventions thinking that all the Jack Sparrow impersonators at the conventions would just get mad at me when I approached them, so I stopped approaching them, unless they looked friendly to me, which most of them didn't look friendly.... Plus man. they just look really intimidating in general. Seeing how legit and intense their costumes were really scared me.... yea I'm such a wimp. Not much has changed since then... although I seemed to have joined them haha
4). I can dance to Pop, Lock, and Drop It quite well and think it would be amusing to become known as that one Jack Sparrow that can dance like that lol
5). Finals are coming up. I should be studying, but I am online instead. And I am looking forward to a promotional event that I will be doing for the UW Madison Costume Play and Design Guild. Going to be standing out on campus as Captain Jack Sparrow promoting a benefit night for the group, so I'm super excited about that. Only thing is I may need to go to my last 2 classes of the day as Jack Sparrow, which I'd really rather not do since they are both held in large lecture halls with 150+ people in them. So, walking in as Jack Sparrow would be super awkward. So I am currently devising a plan that will hopefully make it so that I don't have to go to class in costume.... but it may be unavoidable...unless I just skip class...


SweeneyT-DemonBarber's Profile Picture
Sweeney Todd
United States
Captain Jack Sparrow, at your service.

Jack Sparrow impersonator currently based in Madison, WI. Can travel to Milwaukee or surrounding areas for events.

Sparrow Style Entertainment Website:…
Sparrow Style Entertainment on Facebook:…

Instagram: @ Fleetstreetnightmare


Conventions I attended/plan on attending this year:

Anime Milwaukee (AMKE) - Milwaukee, WI,
Anime Boston
✓- Anime Central (ACEN) - Rosemont, IL,
✓- Anime Midwest- Rosemont, IL,
Wizard World Chicago Comic Con - Rosemont, IL,…
Daisho Con - Wisconsin Dells, WI -
Con Alt Delete - Rosemont, IL -
Kollision Con - Rosemont, IL -


:iconthisispatrickplz::iconrunpatrickrunplz: <--- I :heart: Patrick


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Well maybe after POTC 5 comes out you'll find more of us at the conventions! As it is though, there are quite a few of us Jack Sparrows wandering around at other types of events like renfaires, parades, state fairs etc.
Nanaki-Yamabushi Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I did not even saw POTC4.

Does it has a cliff hanger like 3? But yep i do damn love the movies.
No the way it ended it probably could have ended the series. But yea, you should see it. I personally liked the 4th movie. A lot of people didn't though :P
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